Yes I voted for Trump, no I'm not a Deplorable.

I'm tired of being called a bigot, xenophobe, racist, fascist Misogynist, or any other BS name that those who are disappointed about Trump are calling EVERYONE who voted for him.  I'm exhausted of trying to defend myself, republicans, and what he represented to some.  It seems simple logic and common sense has escaped the Liberals on Facebook, and the #NotMyPresident crowd.  That being said let me, for the last time, explain why I voted for Trump.  I also bet a majority of those who did also did so for similar reasons and not because of being a deplorable fascist, misogynist, racist person.


Basic Logic:  Read carefully!  Most people don't agree 100% with each other on every single topic.  Hell on any given day I'm sure my wife disagrees with me more then she agrees with me, but you know what she still loves me (or so I tell myself :) ).  The point is, you don't always have to agree 100%.  I don't excuse some of the things Trump or any politician has done, but I can pick the closest one to my beliefs, and weight MY perception on priorities.


Primary Reason:  For better or worse there are two political parties in the United States.  At a base level at this point in time it's fair to say that Republicans are conservative American's who believe in Capitalism.  Democrats are liberal Americans who believe in large government, and are pushing the envelope of wanting America to be socialist.  Not going any further than that, I DO NOT BELIEVE that a) the Founding Fathers, and the constitution were based off Socialism.  b) I don't want to live in Bernie's world.  c) I believe in small government. 


Bottom line this is over 50% of what I made my decision on.  I chose that this issue, above all else, was the most important issue for me.  So, yes if I had to disagree, or not be 100% agreement with my candidate I decided that he was better than the Alternative for ME, and where I WANT this country to be heading. 


All other Reasons:  

Basically I disagree with a lot of what makes up certain platforms that have been enacted the last few years, and some that were suggested from HRC.  Again, I'm a pretty intelligent person, meaning that I said "a lot" not "all". 


For Example; Hate Common Core - I understand the principal but believe we are making our kids stupid. 


I'm not in favor of LATE Term abortion needlessly, but am tolerant with a woman's right to choose despite not agreeing with abortion "just because".  - In a nutshell that means, I disagree but ladies your choice.  Short of some lifesaving medical necessity could you at least make up your mind in the first 20 weeks before they have to dismember a poor child. 


LGBQT - Not my thing, I love my wife and women, you don't great. I literally don't care, go be happy, in love with the same sex, wanna flip sexes, can't decide…. Not my business, neither is my marriage yours.  Is there a middle ground so everyone wins maybe?  Far Right doesn't like it being considered marriage, Far Left wants the same rights as married couples.  Is there a middle ground, call it something different, make it legally binding with the same rights?  I don't know the answer but I truly don't really care.  The only part I do care about, your human, I'm human we should be treated the same in the eyes of our fellow Americans.  No Haters needed, and if it happens in front of me, well you have another one on your side in the fight.



I group it similar to the LGBQT in the sense, love ya all.   With regards to Religion - I did participate in the military against ISLAMIC Extremists.  So when I see a Muslim person I seeMuslim person.  If that said Muslim person should brandish a gun, knife, bomb, or anything else dangerous I will whoop said person's ass and not feel guilty about that.  Oh and if they happen to be a short chubby blonde haired blue eyed white guy like me, I'll kick that ass too.


Race: This one I do have an issue with and it is purely ignorance.  I grew up color blind in the sense that I just see people (Mostly ones taller than me).  I'm also educated, thus I do know that some white ancestor more than likely in my past was a dumb shit, but I can't tell you if that's true, nor do I know which one. I can tell you I disagree with it, and I don't do anything in my life to fuel the past, just the future.  I am also educated enough to know that the best hope for me is to be empathetic of our history.  In reality it wasn't that long ago that things were still pretty bad, and I have absolutely no ability to understand how that felt, how people my age grew up as a result of what happened to previous generations.  That being said, treat me the way I treat you.  Assume that I'm a good person because that’s what I'm thinking of you.  The only race I hate is the one called Stupid, which the last time I checked knows no color boundary.


Build the wall… hell yeah build that wall.  Not because of immigration, not that I don't believe that it's ILLEGAL to jump the border, but I also believe you can't just round up a bunch of good people and send them packing.  Point being is, lets respect our laws, and our processes.  Let's figure out a cost and human effective way to deal with the GOOD PEOPLE that are here.  Let's eject the illegal CRIMINALS from our country.  Think of it this way, no shirt, no shoes, no service in immigration means: Criminal, Rapist, Killer, Drug Dealer - No Entry here is a plane ticket home.  The rest, lets figure it out.   Let's keep the terrorists in another country so I don't have to worry about my kids getting blown up, shot… so on and so forth.


Post Election Idiots - I'm sure there are some on both sides.  But because of the visceral response it appears that a lot of the issues being reported are also getting proven to be false regarding the Republican side.  Not that I don’t believe there is some right wing Klan member, or other terrible person doing something stupid but it seems much smaller than the clueless people starting riots.  That's not the answer, you are stupid and should have voted. That being said, those that are PEACEFULLY Protesting, see the above, give me a call, drop me an e-mail let's talk.


UNITY already, Seriously!.  There are people who are pissed, who are worried, who are concerned. I get that, I truly would want to have an educated discussion on any of the above.  Change my mind on why I am wrong, not because I voted for Trump but on an issue.  Convince me that there is a reason for Late Term Abortion, Socialism, Common Core, or any of the other issues.  But keep in mind that I am opened minded enough to want to be challenged, I would just ask that you come to the table with the issues and an open mind as well.  Maybe one of us would say something to change the others mind.   But so help me if your defense is you are all racists, fascist, xenophobes because I'm at the point I might slap the next person who uses that as a defense on why I chose to vote the way I did.   And if you truly believe that please take a second to imagine how you would feel if I came to you and said that I voted the way I did because you were Black, Gay, Mexican, Muslim…. You would rightfully be in the right to slap me senseless.  That being said I'm sure whatever feeling you would have if I said that to you is pretty close to how I feel when I'm called any of those things.


Now get over it.  I shouldn't have to defend my vote to anyone.  Most of you know me as a person and know how I have treated you, what I have done with my life, and know that above all I love America and I would die to protect her, or any of her inhabitants even at the risk of leaving my family behind.  I love this Country, I am and was just not happy in the direction which she was being steered and I cast my vote simply to right that ship, and I did that knowing that I didn't agree with everything 100% but that righting the ship was the most important, and I as a person could stand up for the things I disagree with should they become an issue. 


The fine print… if you can't at least respect my thought process and agree to disagree on some of the issues, knowing I'm not a deplorable,  give me a call. I'll get you a bus ticket to Canada.