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Oversee the organization’s technological direction, including planning, implementing and maintaining all facets through the use of advanced analytics, and best practices to allow for corporate functions to align with the business strategy (Turn around). Company has collections of $120 million a year with a $5 million-dollar technology budget.  This included management of Infrastructure, Development, Insurance, and Call Center Teams.  Ensured optimal and enhanced operations through the mapping of business processes and incorporation of technology to measure and improve efficiency with the use of business analytics and KPIs.  This was accomplished leveraging cloud-based technologies in order to reduce capital expenses.


  • Oversaw creation of “Automated Explanation of Benefits” processing to allow 70% of collections and postings to happen with no human intervention.  This allowed for a 50% reallocation of billing staff to other departments who were understaffed.

  • Implemented a predictive modeling scheduling dashboard that allowed clinic staff to balance appointment flow over 10 business days from 3 business days. This increased provider morale and allowed for a balanced schedule.

  • Created line of business “Daily Flash” reports providing daily metrics that illustrated Goal Achievement both on the previous day, and month to date.  This increased net production by 10% on average, and in some cases 25%.

Business Process Mapping, KPIs and Business Analytics Standardization

  • Documented and improved key processes across corporate and operational departments.  This lead an increased efficiency of 20% on average per department.

  • Implemented Enterprise Task Tracking that allowed for a 10% reduction of overhead while allowing for real-time visibility into work load across all departments.  (Previously zero visibility)

  • Standardized Key Metrics to allow for consistent view of data including creation of a data dictionary to standardize terminology.  This brought unity in reporting across departments for key metrics such as Gross Production, Per Patient Production, Visits Per day.

  • Leveraged Data Warehousing Techniques in order to convert tabular based metrics into dimensional datasets, allowing for stakeholders to manipulate the data to their specific perspective.

Cloud and datacenter Migration

  • Migrated Enterprise Applications to a SaaS based model.

  • Migrated datacenter infrastructure from on-site into a hybrid model, then completely Cloud Based.

  • Migrated Call Center (60+ Agents) to cloud based contact center.

  • Implementation and design of automated, patient-based call routing system

Policy Management

  • Member of Compliance (HIPAA) Committee as the company wide Security Officer.

  • Established and implemented SOPs, cloud-based intranet, and enterprise task tracking system.

  • Reduced average resolution time of business impacting issues to less than 30 minutes from 1 business day.

  • Reduced average resolution for standard issues to same business day from average of three business day turn around.

  • Created and instilled “Change Management”, ITIL, an Agile process into both the Infrastructure and Development departments.