Shoretel - Workgroup stuck in "Off-Hours"



In Shoretel you can set a schedule for a work group to set your "On-Hours" and "Off-Hours" to have different call handling modes.  In this case we have the "Off-Hours" set to ring a night bell that can be picked up from any phone.

The situation today is that all calls during the "On-Hours" were ringing that Night Bell instead of the workgroup.


What we were able to see;  On any company extension, when you dial the number for the workgroup you immediately saw it forward to the "Night Bell".  Our immediate thought was that the Operators were not logged in, thus forcing it into Off-Hours. That wasn't the case.  At this point, we confirmed the Time\Date on the server to make sure it matched the schedule for the workgroup, it did.   At this point we were pretty much at a loss, everything looked to be operating normally.

Finally we found it...  The "Current Call Handling Mode" was stuck in "Off-Hours".   Why we overlooked this box to begin with, not sure but we missed it.


At this point we tried to change the schedule to another one of our schedules.  That did not do the trick.  We tried taking off the schedule completely, no joy.  Attempted to also alter the time on the server to put it into "Off Hours" then back to "On-Hours". That didn't work either.

What did work was editing the hours for the date. For instance, if it was Tuesday we edited the original schedule to remove any configuration.  Upon saving we referred it back to how it was prior and we were good to go.   The Call Handling mode returned to On-Hours.