Office 365 vs. InTune Important difference


This past week I had been attempting to use Office 365's MDM Solution so that I had selective wipe available. In the past I have always used a third party option for MDM, such as Airwatch, Meraki, Maas360. That being said, I thought it was time to attempt to use the built in function with in Office 365. However it's important to know there is a huge difference between Office 365 MDM vs. InTune. The important thing to know here is that the built-in MDM solution in Office 365 currently only supports the Outlook for Android\IOS apps, not the native e-mail client. I naturally assumed and had trouble finding where it distinguished this. After running into some issues I finally found documentation on where this was the case, but it wasn't easily available. If you want the Native apps to be managed via Office 365, you need to use Intune in order to do that.

A quick recap.... If you want Native Mobile App support, and other device types to be controlled you need to use Intune. If you just want to control the apps for the devices then you can use Office 365 built-in MDM.