Creating and managing rooms and resources


Scheduling for conference rooms and resources like projectors is handled automatically by Microsoft Exchange

Create a conference room

Using the Exchange Management console, navigate to Recipient Configuration and select Mailbox so that you see the list of mailboxes

  1. Right click on Mailbox and choose New Mailbox
  2. If you are creating a conference room, choose "Room Mailbox".  If you are creating a resource such as a projector, choose "Equipment Mailbox" and click Next
  3. Leave the selection on "New User" and click Next
  4. Select the organizational unit checkbox and put the new mailbox user into the Company\Resources organizational unit
  5. First name should be descriptive like "Conference Room" or "Toshiba".  Last name should be the room number like "2N11" or the resource type of "Projector".  The display name should be modified for conference rooms to match the format of "Conference Room - 2N11".  The user login name for conference rooms should be "conference2N11" and resources should be like "toshibaprojector".  Click Next
  6. The alias should match the user login name and be left alone.  Click Next
  7. After the user and mailbox are created, find it in the Mailbox list and right click and choose Properties
  8. Click on the Resource General and make sure the "Enable the Resource Booking Attendant" is checked

The next step requires the Exchange Management shell.  Start one from a workstation or Exchange server and enter the following command

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "room1" -RemoveOldMeetingMessages $false

This will make sure the resource never deletes old appointments.  This is important for resources so that the person who checked out the resource last can be identified